Trim 08.28.12

We recently replaced our door trim and baseboards and painted them white.

At the time we had not decided whether to replace the doors or just paint them to match. In order to keep costs down I think I will paint them. So question is: Do I need to prime first or just give them a good wipe down before painting and replacing the hardware?


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  • Vicki K Soquel, CA
    Thank you - I will give this a try.
  • I also recommend wiping with a deglosser to remove invisible hand oil, furniture polish, etc. that keep any paint from sticking well. If the doors are smooth already, you won't have to sand. The only problem is It's a hazardous material to use. So use
  • Vicki K Soquel, CA
    Do you recommend any particular brand of deglosser?
  • They are all the same. I get ours at The Depot or any paint store. It helps if you keep you rag folded in quarters and flip it over when it gets dirty enough. When you are finished, hang it outside so it does not combust. Pay special attn. to the
  • Hudson Designs Loganville, GA
    Deglosser reduces the amount of sanding needed prior to repainting.

    I would be very careful using it over any finished floor. I would use this only if removing the doors out side to paint

  • Are you selling this one? Spend the money and change the doors out for 6-panels with lever hardware...if you're going to rent...doesn't matter. If you're keeping them....prime with one coat of Zinser Coverstain primer...then the same latex you used on
  • Terrie Apopka, FL
    Just food for thought. I recently purchased four six panel doors off of Craigs list, all for $75.00. I gave them a fresh coat of paint and they are perfect.
  • Vicki K Soquel, CA
    Hello Andy - Thanks for posting, here as well as my other dilemma with the house sale. We flip flopped between renting and selling (can't really afford to keep both and couldn't sleep at night worrying about a renter not taking care of the property).
  • Linda D Sarasota, FL
    raise panel doors at home depot for 20.00 each hole is pre- made too!!!
  • Don't get the pre-drilled doors for an older home...the holes aren't likely to line up. If you go with slabs...just drill the holes yourself or get someone local like me to do it for you.
  • Deb L Patterson, MO
    I recently read on Pinterest where some lady opted not to prime, nor sand a piece of furniture. She used Valspar Betsy Ross Brown House paint color, so I went to Lowes and purchased a quart and did my mom's bathroom door and trim. It matches her espresso
  • Isn't that a latex paint? The Valspar product is decent but I didn't think it would bond to oil-stained doors without priming first?
  • Deb L Patterson, MO
    I painted an oil stained door in my mom's bathroom. I did use Valspar, in Betsy Ross Brown and it only took one coat. It may have worked so well, due to the door not having been stained in years. I also painted her metal and wood medicine cabinet. The
  • Donna G Riverton, WY
    Be sure to prime first, since it's in the hall paint them white and it will really brighten the hall up.
  • Dans Handyman Services East Carbon, UT
    if there varnished doors your going to have to sand them and prime with a stain blocking primer like Kilzs
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