The Easiest, Laziest Way to Clean the Wax from Your Candle Jars

Helpers 11.13.15

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A little tip that's made my life a bit easier. My secret for cleaning the wax out of any shape or size of candle jar or votive with no effort at all!
Time: 5 Minutes Difficulty: Easy
  • You can use this tip on any candle jar that you'd like to reuse, but that still has some pesky wax left in the bottom.
  • Within 5 minutes, you'll have that wax out of there and you won't have to deal with the frustration of trying to chip away at hard wax.
  • The end result: A candle jar ready to use to store whatever you like!

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  • Linda Allen Brockman
    Linda Allen Brockman Deer Park, TX
    I just turn the jar upside down, run hot water over the bottom of it until the wax softens and melts away from the sides then the big chunk of wax will come right out.
  • Harlee Jenkins
    Harlee Jenkins Charlotte, NC
    I find the microwave, a few seconds (less than a minute), and a big paper towel works as well. Requires no strainer, bowls...occasionally a butter knife to edge the soft wax out of the corner.
  • Susan B
    Susan B Morriston, FL
    Hot water always has done the trick for me since the 70s when I started using candles. Odd shape?...then just put a pan of water on, heat up with the candle jar and out it comes.
  • Mary Kay Somerville
    Mary Kay Somerville Georgetown, KY
    I clean all my candle jars and it takes about 5 minutes a jar. I run hot water in it and wipe out most of the wax with a paper towel. Then I squirt Goo Gone in the jar, and wipe it more with a paper towel. The Goo Gone dissolves wax. Then wash with
  • Tammy Olmstead
    Tammy Olmstead Saint Joseph, MO
    Used dryer sheets are the easiest way for me to remove remaining wax residue. I freeze the candle jars first to remove the bulk of the wax and then just wipe out the jars with a sheet or two to get what's left. The sheets also remove the soot that builds
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