How to Park Your Car in the Garage and Hit the Mark Every Time

Is the space for the car a tight fit in your garage where every inch counts? Here's an easy way to get the car in the right spot every time ...

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  • Sharon @ mrs. hines class
    Great tip! I used a 2X4 that I had and put it down on the garage floor at the perfect stopping point. It works really well. And I do rely on it because our garage is short.
  • Better Outdoor Living at Home
    Hi Sharon! Stopping markers are helpful to have for sure!
  • Sue Curwin
    Sue Curwin Canada
    Gosh, I found that funny, or maybe I just didn't get enough sleep, lol! We don't have a garage, but if we did, what a practical, and good idea!
  • PhilCo
    PhilCo Colombia
    I put these up, and a mark on the side wall, my wife still stops short of it... But it keeps the dogs entertained! :D
  • WebbRowan
    WebbRowan Australia
    This is a very practical idea to ensure you park your car at the exact correct spot each time at the garage without burning a hole in your pocket. Sometimes the best ideas do not even cost you a single cent.
Better Outdoor Living at Home