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Saved to Idea Box. Organize

Clean simple lines make for a calm retreat

Saved to Idea Box. Organize
Create an inviting room with a soft neutral palette, baby dresses for artwork, inexpensive iron beds from Target, and pillows made from vintage grain sacks.  

To see more: http://www.cedarhill-ranch.com/2013/01/the-three-little-bears.html

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  • Rhoda V
    Rhoda V Kennesaw, GA

    I've heard great things about it, wish it wasn't so far from me!

  • DIY 180
    DIY 180 Winter Park, FL

    Hi, Anita the room is just lovely! I just love all the pieces in this room.

  • White Oak Studio Designs

    L-O-V-E That red dresser. Esp. like the surprise white trim top and bottom....nice idea. Is that a stencil?
    Small House / Big Sky Donna / White Oak Studio Designs / SWMichigan
    Hand-Painted Vintage Furniture Transformations

  • Linda Holland
    Linda Holland Woodstock, GA

    This is so beautiful, know your girls and grandmother too will love it.

  • Avita
    Avita Canada