How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Cabinets 01.31.16
Have you looked closely at your kitchen sink lately? I did this weekend, and was mortified. So, I decided to give it a thorough cleaning. I used one of my favorite products and a little elbow grease to get my sink all sparkly clean in minutes!

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  • Tammy V.
    Tammy V. Kingsport, TN
    Bleach in septic tanks will kill all the beneficial bacteria that break down waste. Rid-x will add it back and my septic tank guy said he puts a block of yeast in his that does the same thing (I have never tried yeast). He gets it at Sam's club. Also, I
  • Beatrice Abfalter
    Beatrice Abfalter Gagetown, MI
    no bleach in septic come?
  • Julie DeGroot
    Julie DeGroot Iron Mountain, MI
    Peroxide and baking soda for septic systems that cannot have bleach!
  • Julie DeGroot
    Julie DeGroot Iron Mountain, MI
    AJAX with Bleach.......$1 at the Dollar Store.......does the best and shines beautifully!
  • June Townsend
    June Townsend Tallahassee, FL
    White vinegar (a mild acid) is the best for removing mineral buildup around faucets. Foll a paper towel and fit it around the faucet base. Pour vinegar in towel and let sit for a couple hours. I always do my kitchen overnight. In the morning all the
  • Jean C
    Jean C Newport, VA
    Just make sure that if you're using bleach that you do NOT have a septic system, and if you're using it to sanitize, that it's fresh (it loses it's effectiveness within weeks), that you've cleaned the surface first (you can't sanitize a dirty surface)
  • Mom4Real
    Mom4Real Lexington, KY
    I love all of your ideas! I love my magic erasers...especially for cleaning the outside of my refrigerator. Denise Wheeler-Mayo i bought mine at Target.
  • Grammie
    Grammie Winfield, KS
    Your food prep area's need BLEACH. Dilute it 1:10 H20 for counters, but use in sink full strength. Use Bar Keeper's to scrub it but use bleach between for sanitizing. That is one germ infested place in a home, it's sinks. Free R.N., advice ;-)
  • Joanne
    Joanne Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    Bar Keepers Friend (cookware) is sold at Bed Bath and Beyond and I am told works best on pots and pans (3.99). I bought the regular Bar Keepers Friend at Target (1.75) but it does not do good on pots and pans. I have used for many years Cameo Aluminum &
    • Glenda Lovelace
      Glenda Lovelace Grand Bay, AL
      Joanne Bar Keepers Friend also makes one to clean pots and pans and other stuff. Regular Bar Keepers Friend is in a gold can and the other is in a silver can. I've found the regular
  • Linda W
    Linda W Cincinnati, OH
    Thanks so much for all the suggestions!
  • Renee B
    Renee B Bismarck, ND
    We use a Mr Clean Magic Eraser on our stainless steel sink. Rub with the grain and any stains come out - and no smell. Of course this does not disinfect, but it is good for stains.
    • Robin Taylor
      Robin Taylor Cocoa, FL
      Renee B I usually add some lemon or fragrance. Then it is not only clean, but smells good too!
  • Marcia T
    Marcia T Newport News, VA
    I use both bleach and the bar keepers but never together. It's important that you NOT use other cleaners with bleach. I've had stainless sinks for over 40 years and would not want any other finish for the kitchen. Vinegar is great for a quick clean up
  • Ann V
    Ann V Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    Bleach cleans a stainless sink very easily, just pour a little in the sink, spread it around the facet, handles and rim area with a paper towel, let it set a few seconds and rinse with hot water spray and wipe with a paper towel to dry and shine You get
  • Jean C
    Jean C Newport, VA
    It's delivered right to your door! I am SO done with all these toxic cleaners. Just let me know if you'd like to know more.
  • Linda W
    Linda W Cincinnati, OH
    Any suggestions for rust spots on stainless steel sinks? They are small areas on the "bridge" between the two sinks. This is a new sink in a new home completed in May. Don't know why this should happen in the 1st place. Any suggestions appreciated.