How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The clock 09.24.15
Have you looked closely at your kitchen sink lately? I did this weekend, and was mortified. So, I decided to give it a thorough cleaning. I used one of my favorite products and a little elbow grease to get my sink all sparkly clean in minutes! #cleaningtricks
  • Clean sink :)
  • Filthy faucet.
  • Clean with Barkeeper's Friend.
  • Scrub all the nastiness away.
  • Amanda Eastman
    Amanda Eastman Sequim, WA
    We don't use bleach at all in our household! I love this stuff, though.
  • Lori Urban
    Lori Urban Slaton, TX
    WD 40 works well on all your cleaning needs....stainless great on shower doors, you will be amazed....
  • Yvonne F
    Yvonne F Pontotoc, MS
    Try using cheap rubbing alcohol after you claen your sink, even faucets!!!! SHINE!!!
  • Marian Chronister
    Marian Chronister Conway, AR
    Bon Ami cleanser works just as well, and is generally cheaper. Have always used this on my stainless sink.....people always want to know how I keep my kitchen sink looking so new and shiny. Works great on stainless cookware, too. I am never without
  • Sheila D
    Sheila D Lecanto, FL
    I use baking soda. Works well and is super cheap.

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