How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Cabinets 01.31.16
Have you looked closely at your kitchen sink lately? I did this weekend, and was mortified. So, I decided to give it a thorough cleaning. I used one of my favorite products and a little elbow grease to get my sink all sparkly clean in minutes! #cleaningtricks

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  • Denise Wheeler-Mayo
    Where can you buy it? I love the tip about using it on your headlights and would love to give it a try!
  • JoAnn White
    JoAnn White Bakersfield, CA
    Use Barkeeper's Friend on your aluminum runningboards on your SUV. The oxidation from running it through the carwash.
  • Gloria W
    Gloria W Little Falls, MN
    You can get Bar Keepers at the dollar store. Cheap stuff and works wonderfully.
  • Bonnie G
    Bonnie G Braselton, GA
    i love BK for the stainless sink keeps it clean and shiny use it on the ceramic stove top also. But for the bathtub, and toilet use AJAX stopped using it and I seen the difference. Nothing like AJAX an elbo grease for cleaning the those items.
  • Mom4Real
    Mom4Real Lexington, KY
    I love these ideas!!! Jean C where do you get that?
  • Gwendolyn E
    Gwendolyn E Kingsland, GA
    I make a paste of dishwasher powder and smear it on the sink and drain. I let it stand for 5 or 10 minutes (or longer), rub with dishrag and rinse. It makes it shine with little effort a the tea/coffee stain in the drain vanishes. It works on showers,
  • Jean C
    Jean C Newport, VA
    I use the clay from H2O at Home to do all of this. You can clean ANY surface and it removes tarnish from stainless steel and silver and make it sparkle. It also leave a protective coating so it stays cleaner longer. Best of all it's food safe, all
  • Janet D
    Janet D Williamstown, PA
    I have been using this stuff for years.......Works very well on glass top stoves, as well as copper bottom pots.
  • Angela Bosquez
    Angela Bosquez Goldthwaite, TX
    This stuff is the best!!!
  • Jacqueline M
    Jacqueline M Lehigh Acres, FL
    I just used it to get the yellow haze off of my headlights! Yay!!!! I was so close to paying a nearby auto detailer to do it, so happy I saved me some bucks!!!!! Pass it on!
  • Mom4Real
    Mom4Real Lexington, KY
    Jacqueline M I hadn't thought about using it on my doing that today!
  • Mom4Real
    Mom4Real Lexington, KY
    Sandra Cook I just checked and it says that it is safe for brass and copper! It took all of that lime (hard water) build up right off of mine :)
  • Jacqueline M
    Jacqueline M Lehigh Acres, FL
    Since I discovered BK, I use it on sinks, faucets, stove top, pots, keeps cookie sheets looking new, just about everything with a metal finish. When we purchased our home, (well water) my toilets had permanent stains that could not get rid of with
  • Sandra Cook
    Sandra Cook Athol, ID
    Will this work around my brass faucet fixtures? I have hard water stains I need to clean.
  • Dcz665
    Dcz665 Highland Park, IL
    We have a stainless sink and a porcelain sink, I've never had a copper sink but I see more copper in kitchen displays these days. The porcelain sink shows black marks from my pans very easily and I've broken a coffee pot & plate on the's