Do Those Pinterest Recipes Work? Come Take the Silver Polish Test!

Kim's board 4 days ago
I put a popular homemade jewelry cleaner recipe that I found on PInterest to the test against my old trusty stand-by, Wright's Silver Cream. The homemade recipe called for heated water, baking soda, salt and aluminum foil. The chemical reaction smell gave me a headache all night.
Let's play a little game. Can you figure out which vase is which?
One vase is the 'before' image for the group. They all looked like this before the experiment began. Shameful, I know.
One vase was left to soak the BOTTOM HALF ONLY in the Homemade Jewelry Cleaner (HJC) for 10 minutes.
One vase was cleaned with Wright's Silver Cream 100% and didn't touch the HJC
One vase was soaked completely in the HJC for 10 minutes and rinsed with clean water.
One vase was soaked completely in the HJC for 10 minutes and then scrubbed with Wright's Silver Cream.
I think we have a clear winner here, what do you think ?
Shiny things make me happy, do you agree?
Come see which vase is which on my blog! Click the link below to read the full post and find out which silver polish worked best.

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  • Artsy One
    Artsy One Virginia Beach, VA
    Colgate or Crest white toothpaste works best..if you have real silver! Plus, the sweet smell of peppermint is an extra benefit! ;-)
  • Darlene Craige MacPherson
    I have used "Britz" silver cleaner on both plate & sterling & then rise in a bath of baking soda & then a rinse of just water, buff with a soft cloth- silver plate or sterling will shine & keep shine for a long time as all the "chemical" cleaner is well
  • Diane Warner
    Diane Warner Troy, MI
    BLESS YOUR HEART~~I have tried the homemade cleaning process twice to no avail and I have asked and asked for a commercial product that really works and I stumbled upon your above post.........Thank you so very much
  • Barbara Valenti
    Barbara Valenti Ponchatoula, LA
    I have used the aluminum foil with the soda and boiling water. I think it damaged my silver plate but did a good job on the real stuff as I remember. Haven't polished my silver in years, guess as we age it becomes a chore. So we use our other
  • Cathy
    Cathy Williamsburg, VA
    Wrights Silver Polish will not only remove tarnish, but when left to dry onto silver & then buffed off with soft cloth, leaves a protective cover resistant to tarnish for longer periods of time. I clean my silver every nine to thirteen weeks & fully
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