Silver Polish Test: Pinterest Homemade Jewelry Cleaner Recipe vs Wright's Silver Cream

I put a popular homemade jewelry cleaner recipe that I found on PInterest to the test against my old trusty stand-by, Wright's Silver Cream. The homemade recipe called for heated water, baking soda, salt and aluminum foil. The chemical reaction smell gave me a headache all night.

1. Vase 1 is the 'before' image for the group. They all looked like this before the experiment began. Shameful, I know.

2. Vase 2 was left to soak the BOTTOM HALF ONLY in the Homemade Jewelry Cleaner (HJC) for 10 minutes.

3. Vase 3 was cleaned with Wright's Silver Cream 100% and didn't touch the HJC

4. Vase 4 was soaked completely in the HJC for 10 minutes and rinsed with clean water.

5. Vase 5 was soaked completely in the HJC for 10 minutes and then scrubbed with Wright's Silver Cream.

I think you can see a clear winner here. The one that I polished by hand with the Silver Cream is gleaming and beautiful.

It was likely a silver plated piece, but I didn't know that before I gave it a chemical bath. These vases were a memento from my

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  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Good to know. You were brave to take this sacrifice so the rest of us don't have to.
  • Deanne L
    Deanne L Australia
    My comment disappeared into cyberspace on your blog.

    But I will say that I have used this method for years and never had a problem.

  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    I don't know what happened to your experiment, but it has worked for me for 60 years!
  • Lorraine F
    Lorraine F Virginia Beach, VA
    I recently tried the alternate method on Thanksgiving morning out of desperation and it worked well. I think the boiling water is important. One of the best uses is the fact that it will get off 90%of the tarnish and then a quick rub of the silver cream
  • Sharon C
    Sharon C Noble, OK
    Your tarnished piece is not silver, it is a plate and should never be cleaned withh anything unless it specifically says it's for plated pieces. You can have it re-plated.
  • Anna Starner
    Anna Starner Lebanon, PA
    I have read that the homemade bs,foil,boiling water ONLY works on sterling not silverplate. Sometimes we don't get all the directions if we use pinterest w/o doing a little more research. I love pinterest and will just investigate before I just try
  • Walter Reeves
    Walter Reeves Decatur, GA
    You'll get MUCH better results using washing soda (sodium carbonate) rather than baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Non-chemists don't realize there is a difference.
  • Sharron W
    Sharron W Memphis, TN
    Amen Walter!
  • Kathleen Nelson
    Kathleen Nelson Groton, MA
    sodium bicarbonate turns into sodium carbonate when heated
  • Ken C
    I'm going to put in a word for Brite Boy metal polish. My silver went from tarnished to gleaming in almost no time with little or no rubbing. Its non-abrasive and low fume. I'd been using Tarn-X and getting decent but blotchy results. I took a blackened
  • Jackie Golladay
    Jackie Golladay Kennewick, WA
    Toothpaste works.. try it.. I was shocked.. not gel paste..
  • Barbara Valenti
    Barbara Valenti Ponchatoula, LA
    Does anybody still use Tarnex? I know smells awful! When I am desperate I will quickly use it. Then takes hours to remove the odor. I also go over my silver lightly after using the Tarnex as to remove any residue left. Looks great, for awhile.
  • Artsy One
    Artsy One Virginia Beach, VA
    Colgate or Crest white toothpaste works best..if you have real silver! Plus, the sweet smell of peppermint is an extra benefit! ;-)
  • Darlene Craige MacPherson
    I have used "Britz" silver cleaner on both plate & sterling & then rise in a bath of baking soda & then a rinse of just water, buff with a soft cloth- silver plate or sterling will shine & keep shine for a long time as all the "chemical" cleaner is well
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