Kitchen Organizing Tips!

Organizing Ideas 02.18.16
  • Jo-Anna
    Jo-Anna Canada
    Connie Burns Hinman The jars that I have don't have seals on them. I use them so much that I wasn't too worried about having them seal. The ones I bought are $9.99 at WalMart.
  • Christine (iDreamofClean)
    Love these ideas!
  • Vicki Witherspoon Wood Verhoeven
    I use the big canisters on top of my cabinets too. For seals I put a rubber band around the lid. It's not that easy to do and takes a little patience but does stay on and seals the food in.
  • Teresa Paxton
    Teresa Paxton Kansas City, MO
    I have a dresser as well in my kitchen, have for years. I use it to store my plastic Rubbermaid/Tupperware dishes. It's great for a drawer or two to hold almost everything. I have an old dresser and there is one real deep drawer where my odd items are.
  • Kegler1000
    kegler1000 Midland, PA
    like your ideas but i would never chance a metal colander on a glass top stove.just know someone would slide it and scratch the top.