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How to Prevent Garden Problems With Tissue!

Have you ever planted tiny garden seeds like carrot or basil only to have the rain wash them away?
There's a really simple solution that will ensure your seeds germinate right where you've sown them: DIY seed tapes.
I'll show you how I make them. Click on the link below for more details.
Time: 20 Minutes Cost: $1 Difficulty: Easy
Use any thin paper product like tissue, toilet paper, or paper napins (single ply). Using a simple homemade paste, attach the seeds, let the paste dry, and plant the entire thing in the garden or container.
Homemade seed tapes are strong enough to hold the seeds in place while they're sprouting but thin enough to disintegrate soon after.
Perfect! No more washed away seeds or seedlings crowded in a corner!
UPDATE: Lots of people are asking about the self-watering system. You can buy units that attach to soda bottles, to hold them steady and slow-release water into the soil, or just use soda bottles on their own. Another option I prefer is to add a thick layer of mulch so moisture in the soil does not evaporate.
The paste is made from a teaspoon of baking flour and water. Read your seed packet to determine how far apart the seeds should be placed on the tape.
Write the seed name on the tissue and mark where you want to paste the seeds.
I use the wrong end of crafting paint brush dipped in the paste to attach the seeds.
Plant the entire tape at whatever depth your seed packet recommends. Water gently and watch for the seeds to germinate (check your seed packet for how many days this should take).
The tissue will soon dissolve and your seedlings will be right where you want them.
For more details, visit the link below. Happy gardening!

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