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DIY Modern Closet Door Makeover

So what’s the most effective way to pretty up your dull stock white doors?
A DIY makeover! Just slap on some black paint + new brass hardware and you got instant sophistication. It’s that easy!
Here are a few pointers to help guide you in your own door makeover.
Our new house is about 18 years old and I’m 99.9% sure these are the original closet doors. Before you paint anything make sure your surfaces are cleaned. Wipe all the smudged finger prints and dirt build up from years of daily handling. I just used disinfectant wipes and gloves (our doors were quite filthy). Also don’t forget to remove the old hardware off the doors!
I’ve learned the hard way that you CANNOT use latex paint over a surface that’s been previously painted with oil paint. It will peel and you will potentially cry after all the hard work you just did and now need to re-do. True story.
If for any reason, you are unsure whether the surface you are about to paint has been treated in the past with oil paint than just use this . . . (details in blog post)
Once everything is cleaned and primed, you can start painting. I chose to paint the doors using Black Onxy in a Satin finish (P5246-83). It’s a charcoal black which is a softer alternative to a pure black. Not only does this colour add a cohesive look with my tile floors but the doors take on an air of swanky elegance!
Now add some shine! I couldn’t resist a classical brass pull from one my fave online stores, House of Antique Hardware. Adding the right quality piece of hardware takes the transformation to a whole other level.
These heavy duty solid brass pulls have an overall length of 6 3/4″. I was looking for something longer than your average cabinet pull for a luxe look against the black. Also to avoid a front entrance that looks to bold, mixing in a classical vintage pull to my modern space just adds the perfect touch of elegance.
Check out Pink Little Notebook's post for more details!

To see more: http://www.pinklittlenotebook.com/diy-modern-closet-door-makeover/

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