Keeping the clutter off the counter

Decorating Ideas 6 days ago
Do you hate the various piles on your kitchen counter? One of my top goals this year is to stop the clutter. With the simple addition of a wall storage system I was able to organize my kitchen supplies as well as miscellaneous items. ‪
Time: 60 Minutes Cost: $110.00 Difficulty: Easy

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  • MKay
    MKay Westfield, NY
    Great idea! I'm looking into doing this.
  • No. 29 Design
    No. 29 Design Belmont, MA
    Those canisters were from Target.
  • Wanday
    Wanday Brownsville, KY
    Love the entire design!! Sooooooo JEALOUS *wink* here of your counter space!! WOW!! P.S. I am quite sure these canisters can be made from DIY guides right here at Hometalk!!! I don't think you can purchase any longer from Target.
  • Patricia Ann Morris
    What a great look in an already beautiful kitchen. I'm assuming the $110 was for the rod, brackets & baskets? Great Look
No. 29 Design