Keeping the clutter off the counter

Gute Idee !! Yesterday
Do you hate the various piles on your kitchen counter? One of my top goals this year is to stop the clutter. With the simple addition of a wall storage system I was able to organize my kitchen supplies as well as miscellaneous items. ‪
Time: 60 Minutes Cost: $110.00 Difficulty: Easy

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  • No. 29 Design
    No. 29 Design Belmont, MA
    Those canisters were from Target.
  • Wanday
    Wanday Brownsville, KY
    Love the entire design!! Sooooooo JEALOUS *wink* here of your counter space!! WOW!! P.S. I am quite sure these canisters can be made from DIY guides right here at Hometalk!!! I don't think you can purchase any longer from Target.
  • Patricia Ann Morris
    What a great look in an already beautiful kitchen. I'm assuming the $110 was for the rod, brackets & baskets? Great Look
  • Rustyjune
    rustyjune Mountain View, CA
    Neat idea
No. 29 Design