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  • Nellie Denmon Kilgore, TX
    This will look NICE in my kitchen and craft room
  • Joanna C Bushkill, PA
    Must try this in my new home, thanks, I also hate cluttered counters
  • Jacie1948 Hibbing, MN
    i did the curtain rod and "S" hooks. Used the metals pails from the dollar store in my craft area.
  • Kathy Fagan Joliet, IL
    Where is the microwave, coffee pot and toaster?
    • Julie Yeary Tipton, IN
      Kathy Fagan In my house.The microwave is on a counter across the room and the toaster is in the cabinet right below the counter. If I used it more frequently I would find it a home on the
  • Yvonne Canada
    looks good, I have the same system in my kitchen, and even the same counter top. I like how you took the doors off the upper cabinet to make it open shelving. Im thinking that could be great with a striped back to make it pop in a white taupe and black.
  • Linda Weeks Street, MD
    That is a good IKEA move. I got the racks, like yours, and the S-hooks, but that's where my frying pans live now!
  • The wall storage system is just wonderful.It not only makes your kitchen look neat but also clutter free.It is so easily available too.This idea can also be used on the garden wall to hang small flower baskets.I must try this out at the earliest.Thank
  • Terra Gazelle Springfield, LA
    Just remember to weather proof what ever you use outside.

    I got a tapestry rod for a pot rack that is going under open shelves. I will paint it white..I got it because of the

  • Where did you ever find the wire basket that you had on the rod..???....I hate too many things on a kitchen counter...so I LOVE THIS....LOOKS GREAT....
  • just checked online and the baskets and buckets are available on Ikea/us but the rest are only available on Ikea great britain...grrr
  • Teresa Chai KF Malaysia
    What a great idea! Will do this if l have the ki5chen renovated.
  • Debbie Mason Youngsville, LA
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! We're building a new home soon and I am keeping this idea in my "wish book"...thanks!