Dishwasher Not Cleaning Properly? 5 Quick Tips to Make it Like New

There's nothing worse than seeing gritty residue at the bottom of your drinking glass.

This is especially true if you have company at your house, it's the holidays, and your wife is the one who spotted the problem. So what's the solution?

Here are a few tips that helped us with our dishwasher's efficiency

+Use a granular dishwasher soap instead of gel

+Clean sprayer arms with picture hanging wire and a white vinegar bath

+Remove grit and reside from fine and coarse filters

+Check underneath the coarse filter for grime

+Eliminate hard water scale buildup with Lemi Shine

You can check out my post for additional tips, pictures, and a few short videos. The videos are less than 4 minutes but they take you

Time: 1 Hour Cost: $20 Difficulty: Easy

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  • Laurel Turner
    Laurel Turner Stapleton, NE
    I run pipe cleaners through my spray arms...remove any build up.
  • Sjlents67
    I put a packet of LemiShine in the dishwasher's soap dispenser and put a cascade Complete packet in the silverware drawer. Your dishwasher doesn't dispense soap until 1/2 way through the wash but doing it this way, the soap is at the beginning. Also
  • Ann D
    Ann D Melbourne, FL
    Uggggh!. I just cleaned out my self-cleaning filter. I cannot even begin to describe the assortment of filth. The dishwasher was installed August 2007 and has not been cleaned till today.
  • Simplify by Sara
    Simplify by Sara Yonkers, NY
    I have found that you can use white vinegar instead of a rinse agent .. helps with spot and keeps the interior of the dishwasher clean.
  • Linda Weeks
    Linda Weeks Street, MD
    I tried taking my dishwasher apart, just as I'd seen on an internet video, but once I got down to the filter assembly, my husband talked me out of going further. fine, fine, let's buy a new dishwasher, then. Wish I were as brave as you guys! :-)
  • FCSteach
    FCSteach Willow Grove, PA
    We have hard water in the community in which we live. I use vinegar every time I was my dishes. I just pour a little vinegar right into the bottom of the dishwasher in addition to the regulary dishwasher soap.
  • Denise Eagles
    Denise Eagles Joplin, MO
    I use vinegar instead of jet dry... much cheaper and never any spots
  • Samantha
    Samantha United Kingdom
    I also use white vinegar and it works every time.
  • RUTH
    RUTH Leander, TX
    Love all the tips! Thanks ladies!!
  • N Black
    N Black Glendale, CA
    Lemini Shine is Awesome stuff. My dishwasher looks brand new since I started using it. Dishes finally sparkle again.
  • Suzy
    Suzy Inman, SC
    By using vinegar instead of jet dry, When & How do you add the vinegar????
    • Alanda
      Alanda Kalispell, MT
      Suzy Just put it in the dispenser instead of the jet dry.
  • Liliana Wells
    Liliana Wells Jackson, GA
    Great tips! Thanks
  • Rachel Benson
    Rachel Benson Orem, UT
    I didn't know that you should regularly clean the inside of your dishwasher. I just assumed the dishwasher got clean while it cleaned your dishes. My dishwasher hasn't been cleaning very well and I wonder if giving it a good cleaning would help it
  • Elizabeth Johnson
    Elizabeth Johnson Beaumont, CA
    I always put 1/2 cup of vinegar in a custard cup in the top rack of my dishwasher each time I use the dishwasher and my dishes are always shiny and clean and the inside of my washer is spotless. I do not have to use any spot remover product and I have no
  • Suzanne
    Suzanne Logan, UT
    Thanks for all of this from all of you! Great ideas. My dw is original to my house...'77, spray painted it white, may put stainless treatmt on front. The inside trays at bottom has plastic worn thin but plastic spray paint will cover it and stop it from
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