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How to Recycle/Upcycle to Create an Easy 3-Step Spring Wreath

I saw a cute Egg Wreath at Kmart, but it was just too small to use on it's own as a wreath. It was only about 8" in diameter. But, I had an idea to recycle some remnants from my Easter Bin and my "bin 'o florals" and create a one-of-a-kind Easy Spring Wreath. Best of all - it only took Three Steps.
Time: 10 Minutes Cost: $8.99 Difficulty: Easy
I grabbed a twiggy wreath and a handful of silk, forsythia stems from my Easter decor bin. I also grabbed a leftover roll of burlap ribbon.
I simply started adding in stems, working in the same direction as the twig wreath. I didn't use glue, I just stuck them right in.
I kept adding stems until I was happy with the fullness.
Then, I simply wired on the smaller Egg Wreath to the forsythia-filled twig wreath. (Step 2)
Finally, I added a length of blue, burlap ribbon as a hanger. (Step 3) And that was all!
So, the next time you see something that is too small for what you need it for, think of upcycling it and combining it with something larger to make it work!

To see more: http://www.everydayhomeblog.com/2015/03/easy-spring-wreath.html

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