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Terra Cotta Welcome Sign

We had a big terra cotta plant saucer that we used as a platter! Well since it broke, we decided to transform it and give it new life!!

Time: 20 Minutes Cost: $5 Difficulty: Easy
Here is a dreamy platter that we made from a terra cotta plant saucer… It broke, yep our big awesome terra cotta saucer broke while in transport. What to do now??

Time to make lemonade from your lemons and get to zestin’

So grab your smashed up plant saucer….

Throw the random pieces into the bottom of a another pot to help with soil drainage when you plant next…

Next grab a Sharpie paint pen…

And let the free styling begin! If you aren’t too skilled with the strokes you can always pencil/chalk out your design and words before.

Dig your saucer into the soil a bit and there you have it!! You can definitely add some color to the sign with your paint pens and even planting bed!!

You’re “welcome!”



Materials I used for this project:

  • Sharpie paint pen
  • Broken terra cotta plant saucer

To see more: http://zestitup.com/find-fix-it-friday-terra-cotta-welcome-sign/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Apr 13, 2015

    This is SO cuteeee!

    • Zest it Up
      Zest it Up
      on Apr 15, 2015

      @Hannah V Thanks! It was nice "saving" such a cool large piece from having to throw it out ;)

  • Janet K
    Janet K Altoona, PA
    on Apr 14, 2015

    I might even try this with unbroken plates that have lost their pots. So cute.

    • Zest it Up
      Zest it Up
      on Apr 15, 2015

      @Janet K Now THAT'S a compliment for this project!! Thanks!

  • Virginia R
    Virginia R Jamestown, NY
    on Apr 14, 2015

    can so relate to this. I hate throwing away anything that I can find a way to repurpose!

  • LaNette
    LaNette Newalla, OK
    on Apr 14, 2015

    Great idea;

  • Kathie taylor
    Kathie taylor Largo, FL
    on Apr 15, 2015

    Very clever! Silly me...I would have tried to glue it together! I had a large broken pot, so I laid it down in the flower bed, filled it with soil and plants, then continued more of the plants on the outside of the pot .Not as clever...

    • Zest it Up
      Zest it Up
      on Apr 15, 2015

      @Kathie taylor Yes! I love that look!! Always a clever design in the garden ;)

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