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Cast Iron Sink Restoration Project

We just love cast iron sinks and this one was in great condition for its age. Other than some minor wear and tear from years of service, this sink was in pretty good shape. The question, was; can we restore it and make it more suitable for this kitchen restoration project since white really wasn't going to go with the design plan.
As you can see, there was just some minor cleaning that needed done before we started our process of restoration.
We began by putting some base coats of our products on and getting it to as smooth of a surface as we could before we get ready for coloration.
We don't have a picture of the previous step, but we painted it black first so that when the hammered copper paint does it's hammer texture that it doesn't show the white color of our products. This took two coats of hammered copper painted and then two coats of our countertop epoxy.
Here is a close up of the detail in the finish! What do you think... worth the effort??? We sure think it was!!!!
Here is a photo of this restored beauty in it's final resting place! We think it sure looks much better with our resurfaced countertops than a white one would have!
Here is a wider angle of the entire sink area before we started this entire kitchen restoration. We completely changed the look with no tear-out and waste of existing materials!!!

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