I've got recurring white mushrooms (or toadstools) in my front lawn (bermuda).

They seem to be multiplying. This isn't good, right? I've got a lawn service (Tru Green) and someone who cuts my lawn and tends to my shrubs. Shouldn't someone be doing something or telling me to do something about these things? What should I do?

  • Shane Tallant
    Shane Tallant Nashville, TN
    I have been experiencing (fighting with) these myself in my own yard. I have found that they pop up after a big rain or heavy watering. I have also noticed that I can pull them up and they don't seem to do any harm to the grass. They aren't
  • Itsreally C
    Itsreally C Marietta, GA
    mushrooms show up when soil's sweet OR sour, walter ? or am i totally incorrect ? tnx
  • Walter Reeves
    Walter Reeves Decatur, GA
    I'm not sure if typical soil pH has much to do with mushrooms. They pop up when the underlying fungal mass is happy and decides to reproduce.
  • Itsreally C
    Itsreally C Marietta, GA
    thanks, walter ! i was wrong :-)
  • Kimberly Lacy
    Kimberly Lacy Decatur, GA
    Hello, Teresa!

    I thought I'd add a few suggestions. Mushrooms thrive in moisture. Reduce watering significantly, and don't over fertilize.

Teresa D