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What could have caused this corrosion on my faucet?

I had a new kitchen faucet installed a recently. When my handyman removed the old one, shown here, he couldn't figure out why it was so corroded and asked me what kind of caustic cleaning products I'd been using. The old faucet was only about 3 yrs old. I use normal cleaning products so I have no idea. I use powdered cleansers mostly, but not anywhere near every day and that's usually about it. Any ideas? I don't want my new one to do this. The old one is a Price Pfister, but not an expensive one. I don't remember what brand the new one is, but it was more expensive. I hoped by paying more money, it would work out better. On the old one, the sprayer kept coming loose from the sink and my handyman said it was cheaply made.

  • Valerie Bradshaw
    Valerie Bradshaw Danbury, CT
    on Apr 30, 2015

    The green is from water leakage in the faucet itself. The corrosion on the faucet plate is probable from the edges of the metal sitting in or in contact with water. The water could have been from the leak or from water that splashed from washing dishes or turning the water off with wet hands. It helps to have a bit of plumbers putting under the plate when it was installed it and to dry around the faucet plate with a dish towel after you use the faucet washing dishes.

  • Not a Trophy Wife
    Not a Trophy Wife
    on Apr 30, 2015

    We just had a plumber out and he said the green is actually caused by the product the builder's plumber used to seal the pipes. He said he sees it all the time and it is such an easy issue to address at the front end. He said the only way to get rid of it is to replace. He spec'd it for $200, with materials being $50.00 of that cost.

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