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Plastic Bottle Wreath

After making a few Plastic Bottle Planters, http://www.hometalk.com/8327911/plastic-bottl..., I still had plenty of bottles left so I thought, "why not try a wreath" and see what happens. Still not sure if I like it or not, but I'm hoping as it fills in it'll "grow" on me.
Here's a brief look at how I did it:
I had a few of these grapevine wreaths laying around so that's what I'm using for my base. You'll also need your plastic bottles and some zip ties. Any wreath form will do.
I used a hole punch to make holes in my bottles and zip ties to hold it to the frame base.
I haphazardly placed them around the wreath. Three on the top and three around the bottom. The sides are tricky. I'm betting using a drill might have worked better for putting in the holes, giving me a little more versatility for where they had to go. You're a little limited by the length of the hole punch.
I found a spot to hang the wreath in order to plant it. Simply fill your bottles partially full with potting soil and start adding flowers. I used purple potato vine, yellow petunias, purple/white striated petunias and white alyssum. Here it is ready to be planted.
And here it is fully planted. I thought I had a door hanger but couldn't find it so for now it's found a home on the back of a bench on my front porch.
I can't wait to see how it grows in.

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