Pictures of the painted and stenciled floor. | Hometalk

Pictures of the painted and stenciled floor.

LivingRoom on Jul 7, 2015
Using, paint, FrogTape and a stencil to dress up a subfloor (temporary solution) for pretty floors.

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  • DIY Show Off
    DIY Show Off Pittsburgh, PA

    This is a temporary solution and will be covered with hardwood when it's in the budget and it's a subfloor - no need to remove the paint. It also is actually durable to walk on with the polycrilic sealant/protectant. Our bathroom floor has been

  • Carol M
    Carol M Mason City, IA

    What a fabulous job. I love how you used your creativity for a beautiful interim floor.

  • WallsTreat Studio/ Kass Wilson

    What a great idea to make due with what you have until you can install what you really want.

  • Kristen W

    I saw this on your blog - Absolutely beautiful!

  • Nora
    Nora Virginia Beach, VA

    Nice work, Roeshel!