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Tiered Jewelry tray for $6.00

I used 3 faux crystal candle holders and 3 small, clear plates with gold edges. I bought all of these items at The Salvation Army for $1.00 for a total of $6.00.
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i used e3000 glue. The bottom candle holder is glued in Its original position (as if you were placing a candle in it.) the other two candle holders are glued upside down. (The larger bottom on the candle holder is holding up the 2nd & 3rd tier.) I made sure that the first tier was completed dry and set before I added the other 2 tiers. I allowed it to dry over night but I completed tier 2 & 3 at the same time. I placed a book on top and allowed to dry over night. I did not take pics while I was assembling it. Sorry!
  • Margie
    Margie Oakland, MI

    What a great idea. I will make one of these & use for many different ideas. I love the idea of using for the holidays. Thank you for posting!

  • Debbie Alexander Peak

    I'm using mine as a jewelry holder but plan on making another one for my kitchen...a bigger one.

  • Pgrover75

    Darn - I just gave away my glass candlestix since I don't use taper candles any more! This is why you should never get rid of anything!!

    • Debbie Alexander Peak

      You can buy them at Dollar Tree. They aren't there every single time I go so when I do find some....I stock up.

  • Cindy Chadwick
    Cindy Chadwick Chiefland, FL

    I decorate for weddings & events, I have made several of these and use to hold appetizers, cupcakes, favors etc. I've also made some with a bowl on top for use on a candy buffet. I love them and have had many orders for purchase.

  • Kay
    Kay Australia

    Instead of using candel holder's, would wine glass work turned upside down so the plates are glued to the bottom of the glasses? Home Talk had a similar post but they used butter plates glued to tea cups I think. Thanks for posting, I like then, I

    • Charlene Agurkis
      Charlene Agurkis Sandwich, MA

      Hi Kay, Wine glass might not be strong enough. I go to the Dollar Tree and find whatever I need. I made a great "Cake Plate" for $2

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