DIY Laundry Detergent Recipe -- Really Works!

Flor 01.05.16
I made laundry detergent from washing soda, baking soda, Borax, and castile soap. Here's the recipe: Now you need to measure with a tin can (just a regular tin can, like the kind that corn comes in). In a large container with a tight-fitting lid, mix 3 cans of Borax, 3 cans of baking soda, 3 cans of washing soda, and an 8 ounce bottle of castile soap. I found that stirring didn't work very well, so I put the lid on the container and shook it up really well.

I have been really pleased with this detergent. Dissolved in hot water (it is not as good in cold water), it actually removed stains and oils, and it makes the laundry smell really clean and fresh.

Time: 10 Minutes Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy

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  • Francine OBrien
    Francine OBrien North Haven, CT
    can you use anthing else but castile soap like essential oils?
  • Liza
    Liza Cary, NC
    Thank you Sharon. By the looks of it I'll continue getting my laundry soap from EverGreenHerbals. Its good stuff.
  • Chaya K
    Chaya K New York, NY
    You can buy castile soap in health food stores, and increasingly even in Target and drug stores. The two major brand names are Dr. Bronners and Dr. Woods.
  • Judith dixon
    Judith dixon Bronson, MI
    where can i get the castile soap
  • Sharon Barney
    Sharon Barney Malone, NY
    this it what it says on the package: cleaners, soil and stain removers, chelating agents, colorants, perfume contains no naphthalene. it is made by the DIAL corporation. Hope this helps.
  • Liza
    Liza Cary, NC
    What are the ingredients of the fels naptha laundry bar? Does anyone know?
  • Sharon Barney
    Sharon Barney Malone, NY
    fels naptha is a laundry bar just grate 2 bars and add to other ingredients works great
  • Linda Boothman
    Linda Boothman Othello, WA
    If you use Fels-Napha soap (you can buy it at most grocery stores) you use the whole bar for this recipe? I've been making the version with water added. This would take up much less room.
  • Mrgee
    Mrgee Oklahoma City, OK
    Castile soap does come in a bar. I have some in my cabinet right now. I make this recipe with Fels Naptha that I shred. I've been using it several years now & I have an HE washer. It does fine since this soap does not suds. I have never had any problem
  • Becky Hansen
    Becky Hansen Champaign, IL
    I've made this detergent and love it. I used Fels-Naptha bar soap and shredded it with my food processor. I have an HE machine and this detergent has worked really well in it. Also, I use white vinegar in the softener dispenser of my HE washer. It helps
  • Chaya K
    Chaya K New York, NY
    Theoretically. I am not sure how it dissolves if it is a shredded bar soap. I know that the liquid works for this.
  • Lori
    Lori Christiana, TN
    doesn't the castile soap come in a bar??? thought it did. if so could you shread it and then add it to the others and give it a good shake??
  • Chaya K
    Chaya K New York, NY
    About 1/4 cup. Sometimes a bit more...maybe closer to 1/3 cup.
  • Pam Payne
    How much do you use?
  • Chaya K
    Chaya K New York, NY
    I have read threads in similar posts on various blogs that yes, you could use it in HE machines. However, I am not certain, as I have a regular old washing machine. I say do a test run with your dish towels or something. You could make a small batch
Chaya K