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Herb Gardening for the Home

Last year my daughter bought a house with a small greenhouse attached to it. You have to go through the greenhouse to get to the back door of the house. It's nice - like a sunroom and they have their folding chairs out there on sunny days. Anyway, she had this bright idea to plant the herbs she bought at the grocery store in a hanging shoe bag. She looked at those and also some larger hanging bags for magazines and decided on the larger pockets. She put in small stones and potting soil and planted several different types of herbs. They hang on her house inside the greenhouse year round however, they could be planted outside when the weather warms up a bit. She always has fresh herbs to cook with.
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To see more: http://twosucculentsisters.blogspot.com/2013/01/living-wall-planter-at-greenhouse.html

Got a question about this project?

  • Diana Wise
    Diana Wise Indianapolis, IN

    Could also be used for a small flower garden to brighten any area

  • 3sonscrazy
    3sonscrazy Fort Collins, CO

    Is it safe to melt ice in herbs and other indoor plants? Is it not too cold for them?

  • Natasha G
    Natasha G Fort Atkinson, WI

    I like the idea of using cubes for watering the indoor plants. It is great!

  • Linda B
    Linda B Trumbull, CT

    Thank you, everyone, for commenting. I'll take better pictures in the Spring.

  • Linda B
    Linda B Trumbull, CT

    I'm sure it would be okay to put ice cubes in each pocket. That greenhouse gets really hot in the summer, though.

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