Upcycle/Re Do 12.29.13

Sewing Cabinet Upcycled into a Bar Cart

Sewing cabinets are something that I've seen a lot of in the past and have passed up because I wasn't seeing beyond their intended use. Now that I've upcycled this cabinet into a fun and useful drinks serving station, I would definitely seek out these cabinets in the future.

After the machine was gone, the inside of the cabinet was completely hollow. So I installed a sturdy board that I screwed to the underside of the cabinet. This makes the cabinet functional for storage.

Time: 1 Day Cost: $6 Difficulty: Moderate

To see more: http://eveofreduction.com/sewing-cabinet-upcycled-into-a-bar-cart/

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  • Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Looks great. Cheers.
  • I'll drink to that.
  • Becky Burleson, TX
    NY's a long way but, I'll take a drink from that cabinet.
  • Lulu D Cedarhurst, NY
    So cool! I love it!
  • BarinaCraft Dublin, OH
    Great to see antique furniture like this sewing cabinet being recycled and repurposed. Extra bonus to see new life as a home bar, but then we're a little biased.