craft room 03.28.14

My Craft and Work Space

I wanted to create my own space for creating and completing projects. We had a small but unused space in our guest room, and now it's a great craft and work area! And, as a bonus, I used what we already had at home for the work table and storage, so it didn't cost a thing. #OrganizedHome #hometalktuesday
Time: 2-3 Days Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.dogsdonteatpizza.com/2013/01/my-own-craft-and-work-area.html

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  • What a lovely craft room! I adore the fact that you just used containers you had too. You got me with that coke crate! :)
  • Rhoda V Kennesaw, GA
    Hey, Karen, what a handy & crafty space you've got there. So cute!
  • Thanks!
  • At The Picket Fence Florence, KY
    That's such a great space! ~Vanessa
  • Would love to have a space like that! ~M
  • Jo Poskus Acworth, GA
    I have a whole bedroom and cant seem to get it together.
  • Looks amazing - and love the old Coke crate!
  • Thanks, y'all!
  • Dolly Sarrio Timmonsville, SC
    Love it and intend to use some of your creative ideas in my room! Thanks for the info! I now have a use for my coke and pepsi crates now other than collecting dust in storage...
  • Carol L Moores Hill, IN
    What a fantastic craft room! You did a great job creating it. Thanks for the great ideas Karen.
  • Thanks!
  • Kara Spurlock Huntington, WV
    Looks great. I recently did the same and love my work space!