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  • Eleanor P Brooksville, FL
    Thanks for the great tip. I use a swiffer also and those pads do add up even though i buy a brand called Grime Busters. Saves a couple of bucks per package. I am going to try these fleece ones.
  • Margaret leavitt Haverhill, MA
    Great idea! I have some fleece left over from a baby blanket I made. Bet that will work better than the store bought ones...
  • Mary C Englewood, OH
    I have used a gently used wash cloth and just pour some white vinegar on the floor and attach the gently used wash cloth to the swiffer ...worked GREAT ! then you just take the wash cloth off the swiffer and wash in the washing machine as usual and reuse
  • Home Repair Tutor Pittsburgh, PA
    Just awesome :)
  • Sharon Allman Lucedale, MS
    Great idea! I have a mop with a reusable pad and refillable cleaning solution tank. I also have two dogs and grandchildren, so my pad would be waiting for the wash when I needed it now! I have plenty of fleece so this is the BEST idea I've seen lately!
  • Karen Pothier Demorest, GA
    CreekLineHouse . Love this idea - never would have thought of using fleece! Ingenious!
  • Debbie Boltz Waterloo, IA
    Great idea. I also use my swiffer with a wet rag to give my floors a quick damp mop. Works great.
  • Louise Mesmer Lake Hopatcong, NJ
    with the dog hair I find the fuzzy socks work great lol my dogs shed year round .
  • Tim D. Virginia Beach, VA
    Heavy duty paper towels also work very well
  • Linda Carlucci Altamonte Springs, FL
    I recently found microfiber cloths at the dollar store and they work great with the swiffer!
  • RayRay Dacula, GA
    this is perfect!
  • love this
  • i use old wash clothes or cheap ones the fleece will be good for dusting ..
  • Val Canada
    You had me at "two minutes flat". Now I know what to do with my fleece scraps. What's fun about these is that they're cute! Val