Cheap Grass Stain Remover

Cleaning Ideas Yesterday
That works! Yep you heard me right- got 1$? I got the secret...FELS-NAPTHA! This bar is the best stuff those stubborn grass stains vanish right before your eyes!
Time: 5 Minutes Cost: $1 Difficulty: Easy

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  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    This is great to know. I have retired several shirts and jeans to Garageland because of grass stains. I thought they were hopeless.
  • Four Marrs & One Venus
    Steve G thank you for always being so gosh darn nice and supportive! Means so much! Yes- this bar is crazy cool in the grass stain dept. -- watch them vanish! :) Thanks again!
  • Storywood Designs
    Storywood Designs Raleigh, NC
    Great tip! I'm definitely clipping this one - with 2 boys, grass stains are a constant issue in my house.
  • Becky (J) P
    Becky (J) P Highland, IL
    I used to use Lava soap when my daughter was small. Believe it or not, she was worse than my son at getting grass stains.
  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    Awesome tip!
  • Joyce P
    Joyce P Saint Petersburg, FL
    my baby had a terrible rash...nothing was grandmother told me to wash diapers in this two days or sooner baby rash was gone..of course this was back in the 50's when we still bought diapers that were cotton...hahaha she had 9 open
  • Four Marrs & One Venus
    Thank you Storywood Designs -- those stains can be a real killer- amazing what this bar can do! Thank you for clipping! :) Becky (J) P
  • Kerrie Harrigan
    I make laundry detergent out of this soap. I bar grated mixed with 2 cups of Washing soda and 2 cups of Borax. I use 2 tablespoons for a large load. Clothes always come out clean.
  • Bernice H
    Bernice H New York, NY
    I imagine this soap is wonderful for many other things..I had expected old timers to post in on this!
Four Marrs & One Venus