How To Build The Ultimate Tomato Cage For Under $2....The Stake-A-Cage!

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You may chuckle at the name - but "Stake-A-Cage" really is the best way to describe the trellis system we came up with a few years ago to effectively and inexpensively tie up our tomatoes and peppers. We get a lot of questions about it on the blog - so we thought today we would explain it in detail, along with details at the end of the post on how to make your own.

A few years back, with the garden planted, and about 45 tomato plants growing quicker than we imagined - we knew we needed to give them support and fast! After suffering sticker shock at the prices of tomato cages and stakes in the store, we decided to see what we could come up with ourselves.

We had some left-over welded wire fencing from building the outdoor run for the chicken coop, along with wooden stakes we had used to stake out the area where the coop and barn would go. So - in desperate need to tie up some tomato plants that were falling over - we used wire cutters to quickly cut the fencing into small grid panels. Next, we attached them to the wooden stakes with fencing nails we had on hand - and the Stake-A-Cage was born.

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  • Terry
    Terry Lees Summit, MO
    Kevin H., since your question hasn't been answered...1st, yes you can get it at Lowes or Home Depot, I don't know the gauge but when you see the roll just look for one big enough to get a tomato through. The cost is around $40 a roll so it's a bit pricey
  • Kim
    Kim Bay City, WI
    We have lots of deer that eat our tomatoes so we do one just a little more than this, we build a round cage and then the deer can't get to them. So far they this year they haven't touched them!!
  • Lisa Human
    Lisa Human Otway, OH
    @Kevin Veler-what does protecting the plants to ensure a great crop & providing stability have to do with being free range??? Just because they are staked doesn't mean they can get away & walk around like a free range chicken....
  • Candace Seaton
    Candace Seaton Huntsville, AL
    Good idea, but claiming under $2.00 because you already had the stuff is misleading...I'd say about $100.00 if starting from nothing.
  • Lorraine M
    Lorraine M Shepherdsville, KY
    I'm partial to concrete reinforcing wire. Roll out size you need, use wire clippers to trim. I also cut the last row off (but not the vertical wires, stick them into the ground for some anchorage. Usually have to add rebar for stability, one per cage.
  • Lorraine M
    Lorraine M Shepherdsville, KY
    Oh, the openings are 4", so it's easy to pick your tomatoes.
  • Meredith Black
    Meredith Black Herrick, IL
    fFnny my husband has been making his like this for years.
  • Jonna Austin
    Jonna Austin Stratford, TX
    To Carolyn from Jamaica, Iowa: GENIUS! Took me a while with my perceptual problem to figure out what you did....but when I finally did, wow! That is just so smart. It would work for me, and I will try it. Thanks so much for the idea. Tell your husband he
  • Carolyn
    Carolyn Jamaica, IA
    I have pics of this on my phone...I will try to post a couple so you can see...but I need to figure out how first!! I'm a gardener, not a techie!! by the way, we also strung a wire under the panels to help support them.
  • Phillip Williams
    Phillip Williams Augusta, GA
    I love these supports! Elegant! Simple is almost always better. Thanks a million!
  • Pineapplewomen
    Use 4x8 concrete panel with rebar sticks for support.
  • Christine Calothi
    christine Calothi South Africa
    my ox heart were amazing this year -- Christine in Cape Town
  • Christine Calothi
    christine Calothi South Africa
    my Ox Heart Tomatoes were great this year

    Cape Town

  • Lori
    Lori Gramercy, LA
    Thanks for this info. I just finished planting my first vegetable garden using pallets and put an underlayment that was once used under our now defunct above ground pool. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t space them far enough apart. Do you think this
  • Jeff
    Jeff Ann Arbor, MI
    WOW, somebody has some nice property.....
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