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  • Too Fun! Looks like a dog-on blast Evey's Creations -- Love it! What an awesome Hometalk Party!
  • Miriam I New York, NY
    Whoa! This looks awesome!
  • Evey's Creations Califon, NJ
    aww thank you Miriam I !! <3 It was a blast!!
  • Redheadcandecorate.com Lake Orion, MI
    Looks like fun!!
  • Evey's Creations Califon, NJ
    <3 thank you ms. Four Marrs & One Venus :) Wish you lived nearby so you could have partied with me! lol aw Thanks Ms. Redheadcandecorate.com it was a BLAST! again, if you lived near we would've partied together lol
  • You know how to party - looks like all had an amazing time!
  • How fun! I want to throw a Hometalk party now!
  • Evey's Creations Califon, NJ
    oh you know it, Ms. Eclectically Vintage - Kelly ! ;) and Christine at First Home Love Life you totally should! :) they rock!
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