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  • That looks like a great method for cleaning grout. Thanks!
  • Carol Pogorelc Yakima, WA
    Is it safe for colored grout?
  • Jo-Anna Canada
    Carol Pogorelc I'm not too sure...I've only used it on white/beige grout. But you could do a spot test on an small area of your grout to see how it works?
  • Valerie South Africa
    I am definitely going to give this a try! Thanks for sharing - and - love your enthusiasm!
  • Gail Canada
    Is there a reason that you use Dawn dish detergent, or will any other brand work as well?
  • Jo-Anna Canada
    Hi Gail! So sorry for the late answer! I'm not sure if any other soap would work...I've only ever used Dawn. If you try it with another type, let me know how it works!
  • Gail Canada
    I am using another detergent and the results are just as astounding. It cleans with such little effort.

    Unfortunately, my tiles are 2 inch hexagonal with tiny square pieces in between,so I have to do a lot of light scrubbing