Ruffled Burlap Wreath

Easy Ruffled Burlap Wreath. I'm not real good at doing what others do, I'm an accident waiting to happen for the most part It isn't always a good thing but is always a fun thing. I used Burlap garland on my Christmas tree in 2012 and since I do something different every year there was no use in packing up. My fireplace needed something earthy since I painted the brick. It needed warmth and burlap is the very definition of warmth!

First let me go back to making garland (ruffles) out of burlap. If you've never worked with burlap you might not know that if you pull the middle two or three strings you can cause a ruffle effect. Yeap, it really was that simple. I did this with wide about 8-10 inch strips of burlap. When you cut burlap, measure how wide you want your strips and pull out that string for a straight line to follow while cutting.

After making two of these layers of ruffles long enough to go around my extra Styrofoam wreath. I hot glued them one on top of the other from the center of the burlap but the first layer on the inside about an inch over and the top layer about an inch over to the outside to make it fuller. Hint: tie the 3 strings you pull to make it gather in a knot to help keep it from unraveling.

Time: 20 Minutes Cost: $5.00 Difficulty: Easy
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  • Alexandra Arena Forest Hills, NY
    Beautiful! :)
  • The Shabby Nest Saint Charles, IA
    Love this!
  • Burlap Fabric Chicago, IL
    Are you kidding? You're even better than others! :)