Decor Ideas 01.10.14

Tired of whites & beiges as neutrals? Try these 4 HOT NEW PAINT COLORS for your next Decorating & Staging Projec

We love these rooms using Taupes, Khakis, Blue/Green-Grays and Violets - so chic and classy! http://bit.ly/V1Uk6y
Difficulty: Easy
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  • Mahboobeh Iran, Islamic Republic Of
    So nice...
  • Neatsmart Marietta, GA
    Yes, I am tired of neutrals and I love seeing color added. It brings such personality to a space.
  • I love these colors!
  • Terri J York, PA
    Love, Love, Love!!!
  • Deb S Saint Paul, MN
    I love the grays, the khaki and the taupe. Not sure about violet, it's a little girl bedroom color, not something I would use in other rooms in the house.