Does grout additive that you mix it with instead of water really make the grout waterprroof so you don't have to seal

Tile 09.19.12
it? I've yet to read a posistive review on it. If so, a specific brand recommendation would be nice.

  • A Very Handy Man, LLC
    A Very Handy Man, LLC Littleton, CO
    I personally don't like using this product. Mostly because the additive makes it much more difficult to work the grout at installation. It makes sponging off the excess grout from the tile very difficult. Grout without additive is easy to remove with a
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    I would call this a mixed bag...Iv'e used it on some jobs and it is a little more work but not too outrageous. The manufactures claim a "stronger" grout. It your substrate is sound this part is irrelevant. As Very Handy said sealing is pretty easy and
  • Atlanta, GA
    IF you are looking for low maintenance- then consider some of the epoxy grouts. They cost a lot more but are very durable.
  • Lynn
    Lynn Stone Mountain, GA
    Thanks, y'all! Looks like I'm not buying the additive. I'll look in to the epoxy. This is my first tile job (except for stove backsplash,) and I just want to make sure I get it right. Thank you for your help!!!!!!
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    Epoxy grout behaves very differently than regular grout. If you follow regular grout techniques you will be cussing up a storm like a drunken pirate....epoxy grout needs to be worked quickly...and in smaller areas...let it go too long and it very hard