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  • Neva Stynski
    Neva Stynski Port Charlotte, FL

    I could actually buy a full size shed IN FLORIDA for that price. Agree, way too pricey

  • Raymond Strenkowski
    Raymond Strenkowski Union Bridge, MD

    Is that price before or after using my kidney as a coupon?

    • Raymond Strenkowski
      Raymond Strenkowski Union Bridge, MD

      @Historic Shed By all means sell at the price point that works for you in your market. I recently bought a very high quality custom Amish built 10'x20' shed with a garage door for very close to this point.
      This one does look nice - I just wouldnt'

  • Roxanne Carr
    Roxanne Carr Weston, WV

    That does seem pricey. I just had an Amish bldg. dropped at my house, 12' x 24', with a double barn door on one end and a single barn door on the other. I only paid $4600. This included metal roofing, siding, insulation, a full window and 8' tall

  • Karla
    Karla Ogden, UT

    My goodness. What is it made of for that price. Go to Lowes or HDepo.

  • Joe
    Joe Strongsville, OH

    Yes i thought of this yes ago never did it .it's nice to see what it will look like.

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