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A New Use for Antique Drawers

When I came across a dresser that was falling apart, I decide to save the drawers and turn them into something useful! Who knew old drawers could be beautiful all on their own?
This was such an easy project! We bought several "feet" from our local hardware store. I stained them and we screwed them into the bottom of the drawers. Next, I painted them and added a fun "Love" stencil to the front.
Now they make for the perfect placde to hold your pillows, magazines, or even your dog! :)
Cost: $12

To see more: http://www.therusticpig.com/2013/01/something-old-something-new-part-2.html#.UPjAe29EGYQ

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  • P.nelson27
    P.nelson27 Eugene, OR

    Old drawers are "in style" now. I see them at antique stores all the time. Your transformation is the best yet!!

  • John
    John Moundville, MO

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  • Charmain irvine
    Charmain irvine Australia

    I do these draws, but on castors, to put under beds and sell them

  • Anita K
    Anita K Somerville, NJ

    These are stylish and so useful. Love the finish and colors you used - beautiful!

  • William Damian
    William Damian Stow, OH

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