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Gonna do this in my Bedroom! Love it!

  • gonna do this in my bedroom love it, home decor, repurposing upcycling
  • Leslie D
    Leslie D Las Vegas, NV

    I have since seen the suitcases chalk painted with different decorations, like chevron or polka dots, which may work really well if you want to match pieces to a certain decor. I still haven't done this, but have collected the suitcases....now to get

    • Shelby @ The Weathered Barn Studio

      @Leslie D ..hahaaaa! I like that last line. ' By " help" , ...I mean " do"..." ..LOL. love it. Sometimes I do things myself, sometimes I get the same " help"...:)

  • Kathy
    Kathy Independence, OR

    Just when I decided to stand mom's old grey suitcase on end and put shelves across it, I see this. Love the wall. Displays on display, or collections on a collection? Really clever!

  • Pdmullgirl
    Pdmullgirl Caliente, NV

    I own a small motel. This would be so cute and functional in the rooms as night stands beside the beds! I love it! How clever.

  • Renae
    Renae Longwood, FL

    Leslie, Thanks for the info. I think I'm going to have to enlarge my shopping area. I'd forgotten about some of the places you menitoned. I have more hope now that you have opened my eyes to these new places. Thanks again.

  • Sandy Hartnett
    Sandy Hartnett Philadelphia, PA

    This looks great! Hugs