Laying Hardwood Floors

floors 07.11.15
Laying hardwoods can be a challenging project, especially for the first-time installer. Fred and I have laid several hardwood floors, and in this article series we show you how do it step-by-step. Follow our guide, and you can achieve beautiful results.
Time: 5 Days Difficulty: Challenging

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  • Rosemary V
    Rosemary V Pierre, SD
    @Ethan I love the color of your wood floors. I see you call it Brazilian Walnut. Are these from Lumber Liquidators? Is it similar to a Medium golden oak? Then, I love the color you used on the walls. Would you share the color and paint brand you used?
  • Ethan@OPC
    Ethan@OPC Catonsville, MD
    I'm still getting the hang of HT but you'll be sure to see more from OPC.
  • Ethan@OPC
    Ethan@OPC Catonsville, MD
    Thanks Becky!