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Transforming my Kitchen Using Paint, Paint and More Paint!

Decor Ideas 7 days ago
We bought our house over 5 years ago knowing that a major kitchen re-do wasn't in our plan. The kitchen wasn't a space that reflected me our family. After living with it a year, I knew I needed to make changes to make it a happy space that worked for us. I turned to my friend, my paintbrush, to make inexpensive changes to the things that bothered me the most. I'm always amazed at the power of paint, but never more so than in #MyKitchen. (see more after pics on my blog)

To see more: http://www.storywooddesigns.com/2013/01/18/working-it-with-what-youve-got-my-kitchen/

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  • Storywood Designs
    Storywood Designs Raleigh, NC
    Thanks Kim A ! I did not use a special paint or process to paint... in fact, I'm much more meticulous painting furniture than I was with the cabinets. I cleaned them thoroughly with
  • Tanya
    Tanya Australia
    You've done an amazing job. I love how some paint and imagination can work wonders..
  • British Paints
    I love this kitchen. Great job, it looks wonderful.
  • Sue
    Sue Lexington, KY
  • Joffler
    Joffler Houston, TX
    WOW!!! I'm impressed and inspired. My garage was painted marine gray, the worktable painted black and the cabinets and ceiling painted beige. It's dreary. I think paint needs to become my friend too.
  • Linda Bolton
    Linda Bolton Charlotte, NC
    Love it!
  • Doreen Marie Camplone
    Doreen Marie Camplone Mount Pocono, PA
    Great job looks awesome !
  • Mickey Wood
    Mickey Wood Nashua, NH
    I think your kitchen looks great. I am ready for a change after 13 years & you have inspired me. I have one we though. There are many comments that are apparently under review for some reason. I also noticed this on another thread this morning. What is
  • Pat Cobb
    Pat Cobb Gibsonville, NC
  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Chattanooga, TN
    Great kitchen. You are a better person than me. No way would I expose my shelves for everyone to see. You are obviously way tidier than me. :) Very nice job,
  • Marcia S
    Marcia S Greenwood, IN
  • Christine Willson
    Christine Willson Portage, MI
    Nice job, when u can , u can get very neat range hoods which might bring it up a notch :)
  • Retta E Moran
    Retta E Moran Mico, TX
    Beautiful I love the all white kitchen. It's brighter and cleaner looking just with the paint update great job.
  • Lori
    Lori Canada
    Ok, I'm doing it. I am painting my cupboards for sure. What a difference you've made. Congrats.
  • Laura
    Laura Gloucester, MA
    Hard work painting all the cabinets and inside of them! White paint can produce miracles!
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