Delta In2ition Shower Heads: An Easy Refreshing Upgrade for Bathrooms

Bathroom 07.26.15
Let's face it, waking up in the morning sometimes sucks. Especially on Monday.

The last thing you want is a lousy shower.

My wife had enough of our pathetic trickling shower head. Since I prefer to keep her happy, and $50 isn't too much to spend at Lowe's, we installed the new Delta In2ition shower head.

When I say anyone can do this, I MEAN ANYONE CAN DO THIS simple upgrade.

The cool thing about the In2ition is that it has 2 shower heads in 1. There's a hand sprayer that fits into the stationary shower head. This comes in handy when you need to clean your child, a dog, the shower itself, or a dirty & hairy husband (I fall into the first and last categories respectively).

Here are some quick tips

+Always replace the teflon tape but only go down to the last two threads

Time: 15 Minutes Cost: $50 Difficulty: Easy

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  • Gay Storm
    Gay Storm Fresno, CA
    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try that.
  • Mary D
    Mary D Audubon, NJ
    I can't imagine not having a hand-held shower attachment for my tub! It's a faster way of cleaning the shower area, gently hosing off house plants and silk flowers, cleaning mini-blinds, small household plastic bins like from the fridge, rinsing off
  • Patsy
    Patsy Fort Worth, TX
    I just installed 2 new Delta shower hoses this past weekend..I am woman "Hear me Roar"!
  • AJ
    AJ Greeley, CO
    I love the shower head that I have, (it's a wand & has the massager settings etc) but it's got a random leak that flies out the side at the attachment point. I'm assuming I could just take it off and replace that Teflon tape and then reattach?? BTW, I
  • Home Repair Tutor
    Home Repair Tutor Pittsburgh, PA
    AJ, sorry to hear you had a broken leg. OUCH. That's not something anyone would want to go through.

    You're right, detach the shower head from the shower arm and clean off the old teflon tape. Then put 3-4 layers of new tape

Home Repair Tutor