Repurposed / Upcycled Bird Feeder Dust Pan

Outdoor ideas 04.30.16
I had a blast making another variation of my dust pan bird feeders with this vintage chrome and copper finished design. I added an oven thermometer, some vintage chrome handles and some metal edging along with some custom metal treatment here and there to finalize it "for the birds".

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  • Grandma's House
    Grandma's House Smyrna, TN
    love bird feeders and love this!
  • May Oscar Mustafa
    very creative I am gonna try it
  • ScattyLady
    ScattyLady United Kingdom
    how do you ensure the rain drains off? Or does it not rain on the pan?

    is it sheltered? I don't really have anywhere to feed the birds under shelter unless I fix something to a brick wall along

  • Shreveport, LA
    Hello ScattyLady! On all of my bird feeders that I make that would be exposed to the elements, I use one of my smaller drill bits and perforate the bottom in many places to allow for quick drainage so the seeds won't sit in water.
  • Smkarasz65
    What a SUPER & UNIQUE idea. Who would have thought to use a dustpan !!Thanx for sharing.