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Saved to Idea Box. Organize


Saved to Idea Box. Organize
Almost 40 years ago we converted a discarded chest of drawers into this doll house for our daughter. It remains in our home for grandchildren to enjoy. I saw this idea in a magazine about the time a neighbor placed an old chest on the street for garbage collection. The one drawer that still existed was retained at the bottom for storage of extra furniture. Some of the furniture in these photographs was mine (1940's). Other pieces were added in the 1970's for our daughter and some later than that. The drawer keeps the assortment available for redecorating. During its early years, Santa with his sleigh and raindeers sat near the chimney at Christmas.
The top of the chest is an attic room. The front side of the roof is built in two pieces and hinged so that the lower portion can be lifted. It is held in place with an attached wooden prop (see photo). The roof is made with latticed wood strips, the chimney is painted with a brick design and trees and flowers are painted on the outside walls. For the floors we used carpet scraps for the bedrooms and the bathroom and a Formica scrap for the kitchen. My husband cut tiny pieces of wood and created a parquet floor for the living room. There are doorway openings between the rooms and a movable staircase. We added wheels for obvious reasons.

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  • Nblunt

    I have been thinking about this project a lot. Possible changes I might make the roof hinge at the peek so it can be folded over, less likely to fall down. Moving the fireplace to the side. And maybe a pool and yard play area painted on a board that

  • Phil
    Phil Ormond Beach, FL

    this is very impressive. I love it

  • Celeste W
    Celeste W Lawrenceville, GA

    Yes, definitely be sure to hinge the roof at the top so it can flip back when in use! Everything else....design your own as we did on a Christmas 40 plus years ago! Our daughter, for whom it was built, teaches at Va Tech and has three sons! Her

  • Holly Stoepker
    Holly Stoepker Palm Bay, FL

    This is, hands down, the most adorable, ingenious dollhouse I have ever seen! I have my dollhouse furniture from the 60's and have been looking for an old dollhouse to display it in. This is perfect and I just saw an old dresser at a thrift store,

  • Bbeckley53

    Great work
    Wonderful use of (up cycling)
    So charming

    • Celeste W
      Celeste W Lawrenceville, GA

      @Bbeckley53 Thanks....it is still in action today!!!!

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