Charlie Brown Chevron Bench

My husband is a teacher and needed a place for kids to sit when they came into his office. I thought a bench would be fun so I looked at what I had in my stash to build one. For only $2.50, I was able to create this beautiful and useful bench from unwanted wood!
I found this great narrow table top from a garage sale for only $1 and had picked it up knowing it would be great for something. The 4x4 posts were free from craig's list.
For the apron's I spend $1.50 in 2x4 wood from the Home depot Cull bin. I used them for the aprons of my bench.
I drilled pocket holes to attach the aprons to the legs.
And pocket holes for attaching the bench to the top!
It is such a fun bench for the kids, and not bad for only $2.50 right! Come check out the whole tutorial on my blog and see why it is called the charlie brown bench!

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  • Terri J
    Terri J Annapolis, MD
    Thanks for posting - you just gave me a great idea for an old piamo bench someone gave me!
Mindi @