vintage repurpose 4 days ago

Repurposed Bed Spring Candle Holder

Fabulously aged wood salvaged from an old arm chair + rusty bed springs = quirky candle holder!

Get all the details @http://knickoftimeinteriors.blogspot.com/2013/01/quirky-candle-holder.html

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Time: 20 Minutes Difficulty: Easy
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  • Thanks Miriam & Becky!
  • Parsnippidy Moments Danville, VA
    Just love this!
  • Thanks Lisann!
  • love to see what people can come up with old recycled items...they look great
  • Thanks Nancy!
  • Hey hey, welcome to HomeTalk! Yay!! LOVE your stuff, girl!
  • Thanks Donna! Keeping up with my blog, Pinterest and FB about max me out, but I thought I'd play here a little too. Eventually, I'll sleep. I'm curtsying to you, Queen of Junk!
  • Hi Angie @ Knick of Time ! I don't think I've seen a more charming candle holder. I absolutely love it!
  • Thanks so much, Sharon!
  • Kelly Miller Pensacola, FL
    just saw a similar holder at Oak Alley Plantation, the holder had a piece that raised and lowered the candle and was used by parents to regulate the time a beau had with the daughter. very cool
  • I've seen those too, Kelly - I believe once the candle burned to a certain level, the teen's "company" had to go home.
  • Sondra A Janesville, WI
    Has such a rustic, interesting look to it. Knowing it is recycled from furniture makes it sort of humorous. Love it.
  • Thanks Sondra! It was fun to make!
  • I love your quirky candle holder!
  • Love it!