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  • These are so pretty!
  • juNxtaposition Pittsburgh, PA
    too cute !
  • Karen P Brick, NJ
    love them!
  • these little pom pom flowers are so dang cute! I'm not much of a crafter, but I just might have to break out the fork and yarn for this one.
  • Sherry C Portland, OR
    Kelly, I'm in love with these pom pom flowers! They are so sweet. I am always wishing I had a bouquet of fresh flowers in the house (a girl can dream, right!?) But I think I may have found a substitute for the times when that just isn't possible.
  • Thanks everyone - they are the flowers that just won't die not matter how much you ignore them! What's better than that?
  • Cute for a bridal or baby shower!
  • Vivienne @ The V Spot Los Alamitos, CA
    Very fun! Love them!
  • Beautiful!
  • It's finally happened. I've turned "Vintage". My sisters and I used to make these for our roller skates....
  • Me too Tracey Davis - I actually talk about that in my post - big blue pom poms with bells on them as I skated around Roller Rama!
  • Chris T Tonawanda, NY
    We did these all the time in our Brownie and Junior Girl Scout troops. Sometimes we made them into corsages for our Moms when we would have our Mother Daughter Tea....the girls loved doing them. Only one thing to keep in mind....use a fork with LONG
  • Chris T Tonawanda, NY
    If you don't have a fork with long tines or big enough to make the size you need check out the resale shops....I have found lots of good stuff there.
  • Sue Rindflesch Ocean Park, WA
    CUTE for sure...BUT....they get dusty as heck!
  • Yes Chris T - I found huge serving forks at the thrift shop! They make nice big pom poms