For my Valentine - a Pom Pom Bouquet (made with a fork)!

Valentine's Day 02.08.16
  • Chris T
    Chris T Tonawanda, NY
    If you don't have a fork with long tines or big enough to make the size you need check out the resale shops....I have found lots of good stuff there.
  • Sue Rindflesch
    Sue Rindflesch Ocean Park, WA
    CUTE for sure...BUT....they get dusty as heck!
  • Eclectically Vintage - Kelly
    Yes Chris T - I found huge serving forks at the thrift shop! They make nice big pom poms
  • Lisa House
    Lisa House Vickery, OH
    Remember the big wooden fork and spoons that people hung on their kitchen /dining room walls back in the 70's? Now that would make a Pom Pom big enough to top a Christmas tree! I don't have one of those forks but now I am going to see what I can put
  • Bren Fey
    Bren Fey Omaha, NE
    Love these!
Eclectically Vintage - Kelly