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  • impressive!
  • Thank you so much, Desiree Ladd!
  • Miriam I New York, NY
    These are lovely.
  • Tanya Australia
    I love all of these, so pretty
  • Christine Fort Worth, TX
    Love love love these!
  • Thank you so much, Christine !
  • Oh these are amazing... I have some questions, do you prime them or just put the acrylic paint on? Can I use old tins I have like with Christmas images?
  • Thank you, Fríða Ruth Heiðarsdóttir! I use primer, then acrylics. You can use all kind of old tins, different shapes and sizes. Have fun! :)
  • Maria Waukegan, IL
    Oh my how beautiful! I would love to purchase some of the products but the website is in a different language. Are they for sale in the US? Do you have a website in English? You should because your products would sell like crazy!
  • Thank you
  • Thank you so much, Maria ! My blog is in Romanian, but you can switch to English from the Translate tab (located on the top right of the page).
  • Fantastic! I will recommend doing this to my clients, because I love seeing people organizing with style
  • Celia Canada