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  • The Blissful Bee Fort Worth, TX
    Yes - The kitchen is not ideal, but living in a 900 sq. ft. home doesn't give you many options for a litter box location:) Especially in a 1940's bungalow! Thankfully I work from home and I'm able to keep everything nice and tidy on a daily basis:)
  • CathyCC2 Rocky Point, NC
    Feces have the potential to carry e-coli, bacteria, parasites, etc. Keeping fecal mater near food and food prep area is disgusting.
  • The Blissful Bee Fort Worth, TX
    Your suggesting I keep the litter box on the counter top... or as if my cat hangs out on the countertops. Not the case. I used to have it in our laundry room in our old house but no longer have a laundry room to do so. Does that mean I used to have fecal
  • Julia @ Cuckoo4Design Northampton, PA
    To me this post is about your great DIY idea of having a pretty hide-away litter box in a small space with no other placement options.You did a great job! And it shouldn't bother anybody else who doesn't live in your space which room that awesome project
  • Miriam I New York, NY
    Amy, your project is darling. I love what you did. :)
  • R.V.R. Farris Natchitoches, LA
    As long as your cat is happy with it and it's easy for you to keep up with, that's all that matters. And I do think it's cute as can be. I also have an inside cat, so I speak from some experience.
  • Cathy shaw Raleigh, MS
    Some people are so critical of other people! I think its a cute idea Amy and you do what you have to do when you have animals and LOVE them! Not all of us live in big mantions with animal wisperers. Lol
  • The Blissful Bee Fort Worth, TX
    Thanks all for the sweet words! Much appreciated:):):)
  • Patti Delray Beach, FL
    What a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Love this idea Amy. I have been pondering trying to come up with an idea and this helps having a visual. I have two cats that also have their cat box in my kitchen, although my house is 2200 sq. ft., there is no other spot and my kitchen is rather large.
  • I love this and if I had more room, I would do it. We are retired in a single wide mobile and there isn't much extra space. All is used. I have put the litter box in my bathtub and used the shower in the other bath with my husband, but missed my tubbing.
  • Julie Draper Independence, MO
    I like the idea BUT, don't that make your Kitchen/home stink? I mean I love a cat but when they get on counters, it's like prepping your food on the litter box. Sorry but germs Thats Really gross!
  • Connie K Kennesaw, GA
    Amy, I think it is a great idea for hiding what those of us with cats must put somewhere. I'm sure with all the products for odor control, germ control, and the various automatic litter boxes most people entering your home never know its there. While the
  • The Blissful Bee Fort Worth, TX
    Thanks for the comments all! I'll try to answer a few questions below:

    Could this be adaptable? Yes, I've even seen something similar done with other pieces of furniture to use in other parts of

  • We did something similar when we lived in an apartment. We attached a skirt like this around the sink in the bathroom to hide all the stuff that belonged in the cabinet we didn't have at the time. It seems like it would work great for the cat box too.