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Coffee Container Tiki Statues

A few weeks ago, I walked into our office break room and saw an empty Folgers coffee container sitting on top of the garbage can. In my mind I said, "this thing looks like a tiki head!" And so the madness began. I collected two more coffee containers (Maxwell House) which also looked remarkably like a tiki head. Now I had all the supplies to make a three tier Tiki statue.
Difficulty: Easy
This spring, I started constructing a Tiki Hut. Just a little retreat in my yard with some privacy, a few chairs and a fire pit. It's a great little space... everyday I feel like I'm going on vacation in my backyard! So this tiki statue project would be a perfect addition to my tiki hut!
There are a few steps adults should handle, but this would be a great project to make with kids. An entire tiki can be made in one day, so it's a quick project that will keep kids interested.
First, draw eye and mouth openings and carefully cut with a utility knife or Dremel. Use the lines of the coffee containers as the guide for your design.
Next, lightly scuff container with steel wool or fine sandpaper and spray interior/exterior with primer, then spray interior with yellow paint.
Once the yellow interior paint is dry, spray container and solar light with brown paint.
Now comes the fun and kid friendly part... decorating the tiki heads! Be sure to outline the eyes and mouth with yellow paint, because it makes it look like they're glowing.
The real magic of the tiki's is the solar light! A simple, inexpensive (the 97 cent kind from Walmart) sits on top of the tiki, so it will glow at night!
I bet a few of these would look great in your yard :) Check out the blog for detailed instructions for making these Coffee Container Tiki Statues!

To see more: http://sawsonskates.com/2015/06/01/coffee-container-tiki-statues/

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