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Hanging Mason Jar Solar Lights

One of my favorite things to do is sit outside when it's dark and the sky is full of stars. These hanging mason jar solar lights are perfect for those nights when the sky isn't lit up!
I had some mason jars on hand that I had picked up garage sale-ing last week (because really, you can't have too many mason jars!) and some $1 solar lights from a project that bombed out!
I masked the solar panel and spray painted both the light and the lids in Oil Rubbed Bronze - you could do any color you like at this point to add some vibrance to them! I drilled a hole through the lid to allow for the light to hand down in. I added a bead of glue to the bottom of the solar light and fit it on the lid and let it dry.
Once it was all dried I used some wire to create a hanger so that I could hang them from the trees in our back yard.
These are so cute and versatile, I can't wait to bring them camping with us to pretty up our site! Check out the blog for more photo's and full details!

To see more: http://www.hashtagblessedblog.com/2015/06/mason-jar-solar-lights/

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