Craft Room Organizational Pegboard

Garden Inspiration 3 days ago
This is one of my most favorite projects--and I love how pretty and colorful it is too! This pegboard is 6 feet by 4 feet and holds SO much of my most essential crafting tools. See my blog post for the full details! #getorganized
Cost: $50 Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Cocoa, FL
    what a great idea & such a space saver!
  • Annette Hayward
    Annette Hayward Roxbury, VT
    I would love one!
  • Doris Kammer
    Doris Kammer Parkton, MD
    Love it!!
  • Felicity Woodruffe
    Felicity Woodruffe United Kingdom
    i have seen buckets and rods like this at IKEA
  • Annie Singleton
    Annie Singleton Evant, TX
    how did you make the pegboard for thread
  • Anna Kowalik
    Anna Kowalik Clearwater, FL
  • Linda
    Linda Canada
    Absolutely love this idea. Have been wanting to do tthis for a long time just rather busy at the time. first I will ave to ge some pegboard and after that I can and will definitely get started. Seems now that I am retired I seem to be busier than ever,
  • Organization Makes Sense
    Love the idea of the rolls of paper on the wall. I really like pegboard for organizing things up off the vertical surfaces. Yours is pretty too!
  • Sharron Lindemann
    How do I keep this it a. Great one
  • Michele Bloom-Kordomenos
    I just had a peg board made for my sewing room and this gives me some additional ideas on what I can put on it. Thanks so much! Going to use the picture frame and dowels for stabilizers.
  • Orangemalorange
    Orangemalorange Foxburg, PA
    I love this. Definitely going to have to do this.

  • Emma Carpenter
    Emma Carpenter Williston, FL
    Just too, too, terrific. This is the prettiest and most organized pegboard I've even seen. I will be using your ideas. Those close up pictures were wonderful. I can see just what peg hooks you use. I have been torn about which to use but your photos
  • Maggie May's Gifts
    Maggie May's Gifts Hilliard, OH
    picture perfect! amazing. That's one of my favorite quotes, too :)
  • Joyce
    Joyce Canada
    The best design I have seen. I am inspired.
  • Patricia Mayne
    Patricia Mayne Kennesaw, GA
    Beautiful! Awesome use of wall space. I'll add this to my craft room in the near future. I need better organization in there. Thanks for sharing.
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