How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp

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Now you can ask questions on every Hometalk post to get more insight and information about your favorite projects! -- Have you always wanted to make your own pendant lamp? This is how I UPCYCLED a pretty little wire fruit basket to make a pendant lamp for my thrifted craft room. Super cheap! To see more pics of my thrifted craft room, where nearly everything came from my favorite thrift store, visit:
Difficulty: Easy
  • If you've got an cute (but broken) item around your house, like I had this Crate and Barrel fruit basket, you can make an upcycled pendant lamp!
  • BEFORE: This cute Crate and Barrel fruit basket that I've owned for 10 years broke in half, and I immediately knew I wanted to upcycle the top tier into a DIY pendant lamp!
  • AFTER: I love how my DIY pendant lamp hangs over my $30 vintage drafting table that I got from the thrift store.
  • What's even better is the way it creates ceiling art when I switch it on ;) Who wouldn't love awesome shapes on the ceiling? This would be a good idea for a kid's room, too!
  • Poor little fruit basket....But one basket's demise, is a DIY'ers surprise :)
  • Here is a look at the materials you'll need to create your own DIY pendant lamp.
  • Materials #1: A lamp kit. You can get a cheap one on Amazon for about $10.00.
  • Materials #2: These swag hooks are about $3.00. Use a drill to make the hole in your ceiling and be sure to use that little anchor there to secure it.
  • Materials #3: A chain. This chain came from the Home Depot for about $0.99 per foot. I bought 8 feet, but it depends on the height of your ceiling.
  • STEP 1: Grab the cord that came in your lamp kit.
  • STEP 2: Thread the end prongs of the lamp cord through the small cap piece of the lamp kit.
  • STEP 3: Thread the prongs of the cord through the top of your pendant lamp. If your DIY pendant lamp doens't already have a hold, now is the time to drill one.
  • STEP 4: Thread the prongs of the cord through this lamp piece that comes with the kit. It will just screw in to the top cap piece. Pull the cord through to create some slack.
  • Now you've got the top cap and the bottom piece connected.
  • A closer look at the connections.
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  • Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.
    Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. Westminster, MD
    That's an awesome lamp! And I love the design it creates on the ceiling! Pretty and thrifty!
  • Thrift Diving
    Thrift Diving Silver Spring, MD
  • Vicki
    Vicki Smyrna, GA
    love it. ty for sharing.
  • Elaine Simmons
    Elaine Simmons Florence, AZ
    So great! I have a broken wire fruit basket too but not nearly as cute as yours ( I think they are made to be broken) I will have to try it with a cuter one.
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