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Solar Powered Front Porch Lamp ... {Oh and a Planter, Too!}

I am late getting my front porch decorated for Summer. But, this Solar Powered Porch Lamp (which happens to double as a planter) is getting the mood set for a Country Farmhouse-Style Porch.
Time: 1 Hours Difficulty: Easy
Is it a lamp? Is it a planter? Is it a house number sign? Yes, yes, and yes. :)
I started out with one of these. You see them all the time at big box stores and even Dollar General. I did splurge and get a high-powered one. (or so it said) :)
I added a single coat of paint to a medium-size Terra Cotta pot...
Then, a 1"piece of sponge created a cute country checkerboard pattern.
Interested so far? Want to see the rest of this tutorial? Simply follow the link below and learn all the steps I used to complete this project.

To see more: http://www.everydayhomeblog.com/2015/06/solar-power-lamp.html

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