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Q: The paint in our hall bath always peels. Was the ceiling not properly primed? Now we are getting mildew in the bathroom on the ceiling and walls. What should we do?

A: This is a pet home repair project of mine. Paint peels for only a couple of reasons.The primary reason is moisture. The steam from the shower rises and stays on the ceiling. It is critical that the exhaust fan be in use with every shower.

I recommend connecting the fan to the light.That way the fan goes on every time the light goes on. Also check the fan that it is clean and effective in removing the steam.The mildew is created by moisture in a dark environment. Use bleach to remove the mildew from tile. You may have to replace the sheet rock in the ceiling and walls.

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  • Woodbridge Environmental
    Please understand,. Not all molds are killed by vinegar. It will remove it physically from what ever your cleaning, but most molds are NOT killed by this product. In addition bleach also does not kill all molds. It bleaches the mold making it harder to
  • Joyce Flom
    Joyce Flom Billings, MT
    Thanks! Nice to have the input from you. Back to the drawing board for me! I've never had this problem before and driving me nuts!
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    Joyce Flom I have a few questions for you as you said your basement windows are condensing moisture and mold is appearing on them.
  • Barbara Seagrave
    Barbara Seagrave East Sandwich, MA
    We have a log home so we don't have sheetrock for walls. Our ceiling and walls are cedar log with a varnish on them and we have mold that we can't get rid of. We also can't put in a fan. Any thoughts for removing mold on cedar?
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    Cedar logs that are exposed presents a special problem. Because the wood is organic the mold can easily grow into the surfaces. While you can kill off the spores that have grown using Ozone as one method, the bigger issue is the staining. There is
  • Gesele Dreslinski
    Gesele Dreslinski Pittsburgh, PA
    My daughter moved into her home about 6 months ago. It's taken 5 months, but leaks appeared in her bathroom fans and in several rooms. After several people looked for a problem, such as an issue with the roof, it was discovered that one of her bathroom
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    Just be sure they insulate the pipes when they get the vents installed. Otherwise the condensation will travel back down into the fan unit.
  • Barbara Seagrave
    Barbara Seagrave East Sandwich, MA
    We have the mold in the bathroom and along the high beam of our house which goes into our bedroom. We had a problem with a leaking roof about 5 years ago and replaced the roof. Then we had a problem with moisture when the house was too hot so we now have
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    I did a church a few years ago that had mold at the top of a very large ceiling. it is important that you do ventilate that area either by using fans to move the air around or as you do during part of the year run the ac. What happens is the warm air
  • Barbara Seagrave
    Barbara Seagrave East Sandwich, MA
    Thanks for checking into this for us. That's pretty much what we are doing. Ventilating and sanding...
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    Another way to do this is to use dry ice blasting. its a bit expensive but it will restore the logs to original beauty. The dry ice is shot out of a sand blasting type of device and as the ice hits the wood it breaks down. As it does this it removes a
  • Max Schau
    Max Schau Australia
    Really helpful article I have to say! What if there's mould and mildew in the ventilation? I have read that this is very dangerous and it could cause a lot of trouble. I am pretty sure that even if there's no mildew visible, a proper duct cleaning
    • DawnandMichael Weaver
      DawnandMichael Weaver Siloam Springs, AR
      Would you mind if I copied this to my Facebook? along with your Information of coarse.
  • Suz
    Suz Harpswell, ME
    We used to have mold and mildew in our baths. When we renovated them, we installed two exhaust fans in each bath. The first one was put on the ceiling over the showers. There are specific fans that can go inside showers. We then tiled around them.
  • Vicki
    Vicki Smyrna, GA
    I saw lowe's or home depot that they had moisture sensor exhaust fans last year or so. I thought cool. do not know if they really work. I am thinking to replace exhaust fans with lights to moisture sensor instead to turn exhaust fan with timer for one
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    Here is a link to Panasonic vent system with the sensor. But to me its way over kill as the sensor when it goes bad will be expensive to fix.
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